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Choosing the right exploration target and subsequently setting exploration plans in motion is the key to the development of a successful mining company. Management has made a decision to search for gold in a very specific, well known gold camp (Cripple Creek, Colorado), an area already known to host mineralization and good geological potential. This reduces the initial risks at the grassroots level of exploration. Additionally, this active exploration area infrastructure established by other operators can significantly reduce exploration costs as operation experience may be taken from previous operators thereby conserving precious exploration dollars.

Companies mine gold for many reasons - appeal, profitability, potential and marketability. Gold has an appeal that is recognized the world over and more gold reserves are known now than at any other time in history.

The Cripple Creek mining district is the second largest gold district in the United States, having produced over 21 million troy ounces of gold since the 1890's. The gold deposits here are largely confined to an elliptical volcano subsidence basin surrounded by Precambrian granite, gneiss and schist, comprising the southern slope of a mass of granite whose culminating point is Pike's Peak. Localization of the gold seems to have been controlled by relatively few deep-seated primary fissure zones that served as principle channel ways through which mineralized solutions entered roots of the crater and spread outward in a more complicated and extensive fissure system. Narrow, nearly parallel fissures and groups of adjacent veins contain ore-forming minerals. Most gold has been found in the first 1,000 feet below the surface. While fissures are most abundant in the breccia and in the granite adjacent to the volcanic neck, ore shoots are found well out in the granite.

Sampling of dumps, tailings and reserves in the district has demonstrated typical grade to be about 0.055 ounces gold per ton of ore. Geological mapping, core drilling, sampling and assay at each claim is necessary to define the extent and character of gold mineralization.

Gold is recovered from several Cripple Creek operations by the heap leach method. The heap leach method is an economical way of extracting gold from ore containing small amounts of gold. Basically, gold and silver leaching involves spraying a cyanide solution on the ore to dissolve the metal, collecting the solution containing those dissolved metals and recovering the metal from the solution. Heap leaching is the standard method for processing gold ore in the Cripple Creek district. A properly installed and maintained leach will have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

The Company must address environmental concerns. It is assumed the latest recovery techniques, as well as environmentally oriented mining methods will be used in Company operations. Moving old dumps to environmentally safe areas and reprocessing them will result in obtaining more gold, in addition to cleaning up old mine dumps and reducing toxic mine drainage.

Permits for major land disturbance must be filed with the Division of Minerals and Geology, County Commissioners and the Bureau of Land Management. Various federal, state and local agencies insure the plan's adequacy relative to air and water quality, historic preservation, mine safety and health, wildlife and soil conservation. The Company must also post a performance bond, for each area of disturbance, with the State of Colorado to insure reclamation will be accomplished.

The greatest value of the properties of West Star Gold, particularly in the northern part of the district, is the fact that there has been a lack of development in some areas, and the Company will be prospecting some of the best undeveloped land in the district. Operations have focused on accessible dumps and investigations into land status are ongoing. The claims and properties owned by the Company, at present, will sustain operations for many years to come.

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