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In the early days of the Colorado Gold Rush, a lone prospector could pan a fortune in nuggets and dust from a placer claim or a mountain stream. A few years later, underground bonanzas of high grade gold and silver ore, mined laboriously with dynamite, picks and shovels made instant millionaires of many colorful figures.

In 1933 the price of gold was fixed at $35.00 an ounce, however, the cost of mining continued to climb. By 1962 it cost more to produce an ounce of gold than was worth on the market, and the business of mining died. There was still plenty of gold In the ground, but finding It no longer brought wealth to the finder.

Today, efficient management, cost effective engineering, and state-of-the-art technology are needed to create a profitable mining operation.

Gold itself has a newly respected status in the investment world in spite of its poor showing during the past several years. It is quietly becoming a mainstream investment choice, offered by increasing numbers of investment brokerage firms and financial Institutions.

WEST STAR GOLD, INC., is a Colorado based company engaged in mineral exploration activities, seeking to expand the limits of productive gold districts and explore favorable structures attempting to define ore reserves in the Cripple Creek Mining District, Teller County, Colorado.

The mining law encourages companies to self-initiate exploration and development of public mineral resources throughout the U.S. in accordance with statutory provisions and conservative principles, and has been successful in providing domestic sources for many critical and strategic minerals.

The Company is gearing up for an expected long term period of prosperity and has adopted a policy of acquiring mineral prospects from the United States Government and other companies which hold partially explored, developed, or mined properties. The object of this policy is to eliminate the cost and risk of evaluating unexplored prospects, obtain the benefits of previous geologic studies and exploration, and the advantages of preliminary or prior mining which has established a potential for economic mining at a scale within the capacities of the company. We have provided a solid nucleus by locating sound properties known for higher mineral content.

During the next several years, WEST STAR GOLD. INC., expects to continue its program of acquisition, exploration, and development of gold mining properties, with an emphasis on mining operations amenable to heap leaching treatment methods. Additionally, we are continuing to locate mining claims in the Cripple Creek District and will systematically be studying all acquisitions with comprehensive mapping, geological and geophysical projects to establish their potential for economic mining.

Gold Mining


To be recognized as a responsible mining company engaged in all phases of acquisition, exploration and development of quality properties, while respecting our environment and those who share it with us.


To locate sound properties known for higher mineral content, establish a potential for economic mining, and create a unique and dynamic investment opportunity for entrepreneurial associates. Mining responsibly and resourcefully, we will achieve satisfactory profitability to insure continued growth and ultimately secure the greatest recovery of ore. Success will be achieved through pride, professionalism, integrity, commitment and dedication.

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